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Stanton Warriors

Rise Double Vinyl (Signed) + Album Art T-Shirt + Artwork Print (Signed)


Release Date: 31/05/2019

Album Art T-Shirt

This multi buy includes:

  • Album Art T-Shirt
  • Rise Double Vinyl
  • 12 x 12 Art Print (Signed)
Legendary bass duo Stanton Warriors return with a brand-new studio album, ‘Rise’, released on 31 May on NewState Music - their first album since 2015’s Rebel Bass which reached No.1 in the Dance Album Charts.

‘Rise’ is Stanton Warriors strongest album to date, with all twelve tracks ready to set dancefloors alight. Stanton Warriors have called on some of the scene’s most exciting and diverse artists to collaborate with – across hip-hop, grime, house, dancehall, drum’n’bass. Featured artists include Foreign Beggars, Stush, Taiki Nulight, Sian Evans, Ami Carmine, Keith Thompson, Lily McKenzie, Danny Dearden and Scarlett Quinn.

‘Rise’ will be accompanied by a ‘Rise’ DJ Mix, comprising of original versions and remixes of the album tracks from such exciting producers as Neon Steve, Volac, Foundry, Aylen, Marten Hørger, GUAU, and Badjokes. These will be mixed alongside original tracks from Plump DJs, Chris Røyal, Bombo Rosa, and Danny Byrd.

Each track on ‘Rise’ showcases Stanton Warriors’s trademark rolling breakbeatbass sound. It is this sound that has earnt them legions of fans across the globe – many of whom proudly wear the Stanton’s iconic logo as a tattoo!

A1. Up2U ft. Sian Evans
A2. Forget About Me ft. Scarlett Quinn
A3. What You Got Now - with Taiki Nulight & Danny Dearden
B1. They Follow ft. Stush & Foreign Beggars
B2. So Divine
B3. Hey Now
C1. Let Go ft. Keith Thompson
C2. About Your Love ft. Lily Mckenzie
C3. Green Light ft. Ami Carmine
D1. Over You ft. Lily Mckenzie
D2. Sky God
D3. Rise